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Picking and Choosing Useful Tools

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Sites like this are dangerous in that my group and I seem determined to incorporate every tool that we can into our images project. There are so many creative ones that it’s easy to dream up uses for many of them both for class and for everyday life. In reality though it would be quite the stretch to use a lot of the tools listed on eHub for our project. The Twitter tools, for example, are intriguing but probably not very practical for reaching out to older alumni who, if my grandmother’s attitude is any indication, might find using the internet itself to be enough of a challenge. I did notice one tool that might apply well to our project though. It’s called LinkWithin, and from what I gather it collects posts from across your blog and turns them into thumbnails that it then places and the end of related posts. Now a slight glitch is that it repeats the term blog, so if my group is as committed to using Omeka as I think we are, then this may not work. But if it or something similar does, I think it could be a way of helping people to navigate the site. If a viewer comes across a picture of Devil Goat Day 1942 maybe LinkWithin would pair it with Devil Goat Day 1965 and 1973. Of course, I’m not sure how exactly it works on matching posts, but in theory it would help people find pictures that they didn’t search for specifically but might like viewing. At the moment National Geographic is using the tool on their Intelligent Travel blog. (Though, now that I look closely, it seems that viewers reading an article about bus travel in Columbia are encouraged to check out an article on Swedish hip hop. I fail to see the connection.) Just something to mull over as we continue to map out our plans.